If this is your first time renting an apartment, you are about to set off on a long path toward enjoying freedom in your space. Here are certain things every new tenant should know about renting their first apartment, though, before you sign a lease.

First, make sure you can afford the rent. Despite how simple it may seem, sometimes a great location or granite countertops might make you completely forget about your budget. If you haven’t had a chance to check your money and credit, do it right away before committing to a price.

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You could want to resume your apartment search and simply look at areas within your budget if you can’t afford that opulent loft. Apartment signing is a moment to prepare for with consideration.

You might think about looking for a roommate to split the bills with if you’re worried about blowing your budget. Interview your potential housemates if you choose that course of action, even if they are buddies of yours already. Your acquaintance may have an odd habit of never arriving on time for gatherings, which could cause them to be late with other obligations like paying the rent.

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