An O-ring is a round elastic object that acts as a seal for dynamic and static applications. The main objective of using an O-ring is to perform as a seal between different architectures such as cylinders, tubes, pipes, and pistons. They are made from different materials based on the purpose they accomplish. An O-ring helps to prevent sipping or leakages in gases and liquids. Watch this video to learn more about O-rings and the common application used in the world.

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The common O-ring application fields include transportation, medical, oil, and gases, food and beverages, and electronics. For instance, gas fittings, valves, and storage tasks in the oil and gas industry require O-rings that can resist high temperatures, high compressions, and corrosive chemicals. They are made of compounds like peroxide to withstand heat and chemicals.

O-rings are used in connectors, pumps, and syringes in the medical field to compose suction in the syringe. Additionally, custom o rings have been helpful in aerospace, heavy trucking, and passenger automobiles because they can hold extreme temperatures and vibrations. In the electronics industry, O-rings can help in semiconductor processing and protect against dust.

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