Everyone has different techniques that they explain in a sales training course. But when you get down to the basics, if you want to be great at selling you have to be sold at the product. The single most important sale you are going to make is the sale to yourself.

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You have to sell yourself on what it is you are selling, whether this be the product, company, or the service. You can understand the game of selling but if you do not completely believe in the product than you cannot succeed. Success comes from believing that your product or service is far superior to competition. This allows you to sell strongly because you understand the benefits your product or service has to offer much more deeply. In fact, if you are so convinced on your position, you won’t even consider the other logic people have not to purchase the product or service. You can listen to other people’s concerns but do not let their arguments penetrate your own belief system about your product. When you are sold on your own product or service, you will already have the best answers to address buyer hesitations.

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