Lobby sign holder

It was the kind of job assignment that you could really embrace. Armed with several outdoor metal sign stands and a golf cart, your job is to go place the signs around campus. The weather is beautiful and you do not need to have any passengers with you, so the six passenger golf cart has room for you to take all of the outdoor metal sign stands at once. You have a map indicating where all of these markers need to go and if you finish this task early you simply get to go to the front registration table and talk with the visiting students and their parents. With several student ambassadors on hand for the Saturday morning event, others are in charge of changing out the glass door signs and the mounted flyer holders. It is nice that all of the preparation is divided so that you will all have more energy for the real purpose of the event: introducing the new students to a college that you love.
It should come as no surprise that free standing sign holders and other promotional items like glass door business signs can serve a variety of purposes beyond the retail showroom. In fact, if your office has made an investment in any kind of display sign holder you will likely be using them so often that you will wonder what you ever did before you bought them.
Lobby sign holders can quickly direct wedding guests to the right location in a large hotel just as easily as a small acrylic poster frame can help customers find the sale racks in a large department store. In fact, as consumers and guests at large events, we are likely unaware of how often we use these visual clues. Without hesitation, for instance, whenever we walk into a large unfamiliar space, out of habit we visually scan for a sign that provides direction to a particular location or an item that we are looking for. Consider some of these statistics about how helpful display stands and store sign holders are in both retail stores and other locations:

  • Consumers are exposed to an average of 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day, including outdoor metal sign stands and other types of display formats.
  • 60% of purchases in a store can be classified as impulse purchases, often motivated by a sale sign.
  • 82% of shoppers make their purchase decisions in the store.
  • Full priced merchandise performs 18% better with signage than without.
  • It only takes three to seven seconds before a consumer decides to stick with a name brand or to go with a competitor.
  • 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping, according to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study.

Whether you are helping set up directional pieces for a college campus event or you are working at an indoor display for a sale in a retail store, having the right display stands is also an advantage.

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