You can start a lucrative career as a medical coder and biller with just a GED or high school diploma and a certificate program. The program requires 18 months to two years to complete, but you can complete your studies online, studying from home. You can complete the program working at your own pace, hence the variable length of the programs. Your program of study needs to come through an accredited school. You then earn your certification and open your coding business.

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As this video explains, you only need two or three clients to earn a healthy salary providing billing services for doctor offices since you earn about six percent of what each doctor bills. Depending on location and other factors, you might charge between five and seven percent, but using the median of six percent lets us do a quick income forecast example. If they bill $80,000 per month, you earn six percent of that or $4,800 per month. That’s a typical billing amount for an independent physician. You choose how many clients you want to undertake, and this decides your income.

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