This video’s host talks about rooftop cell site lease rates. He dives deep into these rates and the factors that can make them go up or down. It turns out that rooftop cell sites are like gold mines for property owners.

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Why? Because big carriers have been selling off their cell towers. That move left rooftop property owners in the prime position to negotiate directly with carriers for leases.

This approach can be more profitable than going through a tower company. But, as you might guess, the value of your rooftop lease isn’t just about shaking hands with a carrier. The video explains things like how much traffic zips by your property. If other rooftops in the area could host a tower, that could play a role in determining the lease rate>. Your willingness to host a cell site on your roof is also a factor.

So, if you’re thinking of turning your rooftop into a cell site cash cow, this video is a great watch. It’ll give you a good idea of what rooftop cell tower lease rates are all about. You also learn about the things to consider before striking a deal with a carrier. The presenter talks about potential rates ranging from $2,000 to a cool $5,000 monthly. Various factors determine how juicy your location is for phone traffic.


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