These days, everyone wants to know if they should start a side hustle or change careers entirely to earn a little more money. Several high profile careers are seen as more prestigious than others, but it’s time to consider a few that you probably thought wouldn’t be as profitable as they are. Additionally, they can be fun and exciting and offer a better chance for your future. Let’s find out more.

Start Your Own Craft Business

Most people don’t consider the amount of money someone can earn when they have a serious crafting business. Many items aren’t seen as necessities, so someone who wants to find a profitable job or career wouldn’t want to invest time and effort into this industry. However, you can get creative, find a proper niche, and join the right distribution groups to become a top seller. Crafting doesn’t always mean doing things by hand.

You can buy specific machines and make items, such as personalized pillow cases, that people will still enjoy. This may not seem like one of the many lucrative high profile careers, but crafters can earn more than an average salary worker. It also comes with benefits, such as being your boss, choosing your hours, and making all the decisions. You won’t need a substantial initial investment, thanks to online retailers like Etsy. You just have to make something people are interested in.

Social media will help you determine what others are buying and what you can realistically take on. Afterward, you’ll use it to market your products. You may also sign up for farmer’s markets and bazaars and make your online shop. Remember that these kinds of businesses take time to become successful, and that’s why people keep their day jobs and start them as a side hustle. However, if you put in the work, you may be able to make it your full-time job soon.

Get into Glass and Windows

Have you considered how expensive glass and window installation and replacement can be? It’s not just about the materials. The labor can be pricey, especially if you hire a good contractor. That’s why you should consider this industry as one of the many high-profile careers that could help you earn more money. A commercial custom glass company can charge thousands on just one project, but the best part is that you can pick several different jobs in this field.

For example, you may work in an office or be involved in the fabrication. Some prefer to be in charge of transportation, while others like the installation process. It’s dynamic. With the boom of technology in the last few decades, most people gravitated towards IT careers, and trades were somewhat forgotten. However, construction is still a significant industry in the United States, and people often need window repairs and replacements.

As mentioned before, getting into an industry you can enjoy is much better. Therefore, figure out what aspect of windows and glass you enjoy. The bookkeeping aspect is better for someone who wants to work in an office, while the manufacturing floor could be your calling if you want to get your hands dirty. While machines tend to handle most of the factory work, the industry still needs people who know how to manage them.

Work in Contracting

If glass and windows aren’t your cup of tea, you may consider becoming a contractor. It’s one of the many high-profile careers any professional can take. The idea is that you’ll be needed for a specific project in a determined amount of time. You sign an agreement and work until it’s done. A staffing agency tends to handle payment and taxes. This is an excellent option for someone who doesn’t want to commit long-term to one place.

IT personnel, construction workers, home cleaners, engineers, and more can be contractors. People can even be pickle ball court contractors. The benefit of such a choice is finding work with a flexible schedule. This way, you may be focused on starting your own business but still make some money. Another pro is that people can earn different skills quickly because they’ll be offered various jobs.

The downside is that contracting normally doesn’t come with benefits, but these jobs offer higher salaries to compensate for that. You’ll have to decide whether that works for you and your family. Working in different industries as a contractor will help you build a better network, which will only benefit you in the future. The interview process is also much less taxing than permanent roles. By the end of the contract, you’ll be able to add new skills to your resume.

Join a Concrete Business

Many people consider construction but don’t know what they want to do in that industry. You should try to work in different areas, like roofing, flooring, painting, woodworking, etc., to learn exactly what you like. Concrete is worth considering because it’s used so much. Cities, suburbs, and even some rural areas have concrete. While it’s a durable material, it’s not infallible. It will need to be replaced, and that’s how you’ll earn a lot of money.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly used to make buildings. Even an interior design trend involves concrete walls to create an industrial aesthetic. The benefit of this field is that you get to build things people depend on. A broken concrete driveway not only looks bad, but it decreases home value. It can also damage car wheels, so homeowners tend to get those fixed as soon as possible. You also get to see the immediate results after any installation.

You won’t have to wait long to check if your project was successful. Going home knowing that you did your job well is a fantastic feeling. Unlike people in other high profile careers, you’ll be able to relax until the next day or the next job. This industry is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a 9 to 5 gig. Do you want to get your hands dirty and be in action? Choose concrete!

Become a Lawyer

The law is one of the most high profile careers in the entire world. Parents around the globe celebrate when their children want to become doctors and lawyers because these have always been seen as high-earning jobs. However, the best part of being a lawyer is picking and choosing what to practice. Do you see yourself working in criminal law firms? Most people watch legal procedural shows and get excited about being in court defending their clients. If that’s you, this is the right job for you.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average attorney earned around $130,000 annually in 2021. You can also go off and earn millions like the other high-profile lawyers in the country. However, an attorney can also fight for what they believe in, and that’s often as valuable as money. You can take part in defending the disenfranchised or the environment;many work to change the laws to benefit certain communities.

Even though the idea of being a lawyer can seem stuffy to many people, it’s an intellectually interesting career. No client is alike, so you’ll constantly be challenged. The law is also so broad that you can pick environmental, bankruptcy, divorce, property, etc., to focus on. It’ll depend on your tastes and what you believe in. Furthermore, the skills you can earn as a lawyer can be applied to most other careers; communication, research, problem-solving, time management, negotiation, debate, leadership, and more.

Get into Investing

You’ve probably heard people talking about investing in stocks or cryptocurrency, but you probably didn’t fully understand what that means. Many think that only rich people can do that with their disposable income, but you can start, too. While this path is less stable than going for high profile careers, it’s an excellent way to create a different source of money for your family.

You can try to research and take some classes to learn how to do everything independently, but consulting with an investment management company is often a good idea. Money can make more money even if your initial investment is small. You must consider the future and what could happen if you lose a job. Creating a passive source of income is the best way to achieve financial independence.

You may have heard about building wealth, but most don’t think they can do it when they’re living paycheck to paycheck. It’s not easy, but it’s worth considering if you want to retire later. On the downside, you have to remember that this is a risky path. It won’t always pan out. However, it’s similar to venturing and starting a business. You’ll never know if you don’t take the plunge.

Join the Wedding Industry

Most people know that the wedding industry is one of the biggest in the United States. According to Zippia, its market size by revenue was $70 billion in 2023. That includes services such as renting out wedding venues and selling a designer wedding dress. You can even earn money being a performer or a painter at these events. Anyone can find a spot in this field.

It may not sound fancy like other high profile careers, but it’s lucrative. However, seeing people in love is one of the best parts of working in this industry. It can be a rewarding and heart-moving experience for a planner or a photographer. It’ll be a taxing job but also beautiful and exciting. No wedding will be the same because there are always different people.

You’ll also work in different locations and have a chance to partner with caterers, vendors, and other industry people. Consider what you want to be and what you could bring to the table for weddings. Some people become wedding cake makers, even if they have to start with simple options. You can be a bride bouquet designer, a limo driver, a DJ, a professional painter, and more.

Become a Dentist

Dentistry is another great option in terms of high profile careers because people will always need help with oral care. Becoming a dentist will impress almost anyone in your family. The industry also allows you to choose several paths, such as general hygienist and orthodontics. You can decide what aspects will match your lifestyle. Unlike doctors, most dentists don’t have such busy schedules.

They can work regular office hours and disconnect from their professional life for the rest of the day. That’s particularly true if you don’t have any emergency services in your practice. It’s a good career for people who don’t like too much excitement in their professions. Going into cosmetic dentistry is an excellent idea because your job will be to help people achieve beautiful smiles.

It’s incredibly lucrative, especially if you start earning a good reputation in the community. Furthermore, you’ll learn communication, bedside manner, precision, time management, etc. It’s also your chance to help with the low dentist-to-population ratio. According to the CDC, there were approximately 61 dentists per 100,000 people in the United States in 2020.

Become a Plumber

Plumbing may not seem like the most exciting or impressive career. However, anyone who has ever had a pipe issue knows that it can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it’s time to consider something other than high profile careers. Even drain cleaning services can be expensive. A big benefit of this industry is that people will always need a plumber for various matters, so you need to become an expert who can fix almost everything, and you’ll always be employed.

This career is perfect for people who prefer to learn while working instead of through textbooks. You don’t have to enroll in college or get a degree to follow this dream. You can start working, preferably through a mentorship, and gain knowledge each day. Eventually, you can make your own company and start earning clients.

People often have to wait days or weeks for an appointment with the plumber, and that’s a terrible ordeal. You can offer emergency services or flexible hours for homeowners needing immediate help. That’ll help you earn more money and customer loyalty. You’ll also acquire skills like communication, networking, problem-solving, etc. It’s perfect if the idea of sitting on a desk doesn’t seem attractive.

Now that you know what high profile careers you can take up to earn extra money, it’s time to make serious decisions. You don’t have to quit your job right away. Consider things properly and remember that it’s much better to do something you’re truly interested in to add more income to your household.

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