Are you looking for land for sale? You need to be careful where you look so that you can get a great deal. In this video, a presenter explains his process for finding lands for sale by owner, ensuring the best deals possible.

One of the first things explained by the presenter is that mail is still a great route for catching the attention of landowners. It’s still useful to send a letter or postcard stating your interest and even the amount of money you are willing to pay for the land. After all, nothing speaks quite like a personalized letter!

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The most effective way to find discounts on land is to contact landowners who are most motivated to sell. As explained in this video, this includes owners who live out of state, haven’t built on their land, and are behind on their taxes. Any combination of these factors could make the person a motivated seller. Through county and real estate records, you can find them and call them to gauge their level of interest.

Texting is also, surprisingly, a good way to get in touch with landowners looking to sell. As explained by the presenter, it’s important that you compare your potential targets with the national “Do Not Call” registry. Once you are in the clear, texting could produce more responses than any other means.

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