The demand for private schooling rose dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic because private schools were allowed to have in-person schooling, while most public schools went all virtual. However, private schools cost money. The YouTube channel Forever First-Year looks at what is the difference between public and private schools.

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Public schools don’t have tuition, but you do have to pay for extras like gym uniforms, field trips, and sports equipment. They are funded by local, state, and federal governments. This money comes from a variety of sources like school taxes, income taxes, and property taxes. Unfortunately, this means that any branch of the government can cut school budgets at any time. Public schools also get money through fundraisers and from many teachers buying supplies for their students out of their own pockets.

what is the difference between public and private

Private schools are funded primarily by the parents of children that attend those schools, along with some government subsidies. There are also extra expenses like uniforms, lunches, sports equipment, and field trips. Some private schools also make parents pay for books. Some parents may also have to spend more money on gas if busing to the private school is not available in their area.

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