Knowing how to buy genuine diamond jewelry is crucial. In this video, you’ll find essential tips for people considering purchasing a diamond ring. To buy a diamond ring, individuals should understand the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

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These are the global standard for evaluating diamond quality and allowing buyers to compare different diamond rings. Before buying a diamond ring, a buyer must know the difference between its shape and cutting style. A diamond ring shape depicts its outline when viewed face up. The most common diamond ring shape is round, but other shapes include heart, square, rectangle, oval, pear, or marquise.

A round diamond ring is usually more expensive than other fancy shapes. However, individuals on a budget can save money by buying less popular shaped diamond rings. A diamond ring will look different depending on the lighting conditions. Some jewelers use spotlighting, which brings out the diamond’s visual appeal. Fire makes many diamond jewelry appear dazzling. Many daily conditions don’t comprise dramatic lighting. As a result, buyers should check the diamond ring’s appearance under ordinary lighting conditions like under an outdoor shadow or light, diffused lighting at home, or the dispersed fluorescent light in an office. While incandescent lighting displays a diamond’s brilliance, fluorescent lighting highlights its brightness.

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