If you’re interested in installing fire sprinklers, you should understand how they’re tested for efficiency. The Youtube video “Nationwide Fire – Sprinkler Controlled Burn” shows how fire experts expose nationwide fire sprinklers to a controlled fire in order to see how the devices react. Let’s find out more!

It’s important to understand that sprinklers are not designed to stop a fire completely. Sprinklers will control a fire from spreading too far, but firefighters are still needed at the scene of an incident.

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These devices buy time until the first responders can show up. Meanwhile, the experts have to test these nationwide fire sprinklers to see if they work.

In the video above, the firefighters started a controlled burn in a room, which is something that can happen at any point in every house around the world. It was ignited in the wastepaper basket. Eventually, it grew until it took over the curtains and continued. Eventually, the sprinklers detected the fire and started circulating water. The timeframe in which that happens is completely dependent on how the burn develops and takes over space.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about nationwide fire sprinklers.

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