We’ve all been there, you’re at a concert, jamming along, and suddenly it hits you. Your questionable corn dog has come back to bite you. What can you do? The porta-potty is disgusting! But, does it have to be?

As explained in the video, porta potties can be a clean and effective way for event organizers to serve their guests.

Factors that Impact Porta Potty Cost

The size of your porta potty rental in Reading, PA, as well as any extra features like a handwashing station or solar panels for lighting will all add to the cost of your rental.

Some businesses may charge delivery fees or have an additional fee for servicing and cleaning them when your event is through. You should also consider that different companies have different pricing models and they may also require a minimum rental time period, so be sure to ask about these charges when researching different companies.

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Finally, it’s important to not forget about any accessories that go along with your rentals such as deodorizers and covers. These items are often overlooked but can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that everyone has a pleasant experience while using the porta potties.


In general, a standard basic portable toilet rental will start around $150 and increase from there depending on the size and features required. Knowing all of these factors ahead of time will help make certain that you get exactly what you need without breaking the bank.


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