Finance magazines

Are you a day trader who likes reading about the latest corporate earnings reports? Do you want to learn more about futures and options strategies? Perhaps you want to read about the secrets of great investors or great companies? If so, financial magazines are still the best ways to gather information. Not only do financial magazines have time to go more in depth, but they are also written by professionals in the field. Most write to gain greater publicity for themselves, and in the process transmit information to you.

There are several finance magazines that are mass produced for a general audience. These magazines, often written by journalists, have a pop feel to them. Often, they peddle investment advice to hobbyists and small retail investors, and give only basic, superficial information most traders can find from five minutes online. These form of financial magazines, almost always found on newsstands and book store magazine racks, have no value for investors, save to show investors what propaganda the masses are receiving today.

The best financial magazines for traders are those that include what cannot be found elsewhere. Take options trading. Most retail investors cannot figure out the complexities of options trading and strategies, let alone find new options trading strategies. Financial magazines specializing in options can help advance your strategy, or at the very least, give you something to compare it to.

Other good financial magazines give you insight into investors who built great trading empires. A few financial magazines may only go after the largest investors, such as Warren Buffet, or else only ask questions that reveal a superficial understanding of markets. Good financial magazines will ask investors questions on investment philosophies and how they construct strategies, as well as what fundamentals they looked at.

Of course, the best financial magazines can cover other areas of finance, including currencies, corporate governance, and many others. Financial magazines and online finance magazines that dig deeper are always a better return on investment. So if you are a serious investor, dig deeper and see what financial magazines can advance your portfolio.

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