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In a tanking economy, we could use all the financial advice we can get. I remember reading Calvin and Hobbes collections while waiting for my parents in the lobby of a financial consultant. So upon entrance to the real world, asking for money advice was not a new idea to me when I found myself needing to do so for the first time. Except, rather than turning to a consultant, I found out that there are great finance magazines to procure help from.

The articles that finance magazines deliver contain practical, sound, coherent financial advice. Within the pages of finance magazines, you can find great information on saving for retirement, college and whatever else you might need to. Finance magazines give you tips and tricks on managing your money and budgeting.

The trick to finding a great financial magazine or a superior online finance magazine, is to read through an article and see if it makes sense. This was my big caveat. Many times, someone within the business cannot think like a person who is outside of it. They speak in jargon and complicated terms and use phrases that might be commonplace and logical to them, but not to a layman. The finance magazines I turn to for help have to be as clear as any other publication I read.

Finance magazines are great because not only do they offer sound advice on budgets and practical money matters, but also on the art of making money. Finance magazines can give you help with job applications, cover letters, interview techniques and great information on the industry. If you were like me when you graduated college, then you might not have known of many careers outside of the arts field to pursue with your degree. It was there that I found advice on copywriting and content strategy positions that I was in a great position to pursue.

So if you need help, as everyone does nowadays, with a money issue, you can find the assistance that you are looking for in finance magazines. What kind of issues do you find yourself needing help with? Do you have any experience or advice for anyone else? I encourage you to comment below.

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