Do you need a dry van trailer to transport goods? The video offers some insight into the cost you can expect to pay if you want to lease 53 foot trailer.

This type of trailer is completely enclosed and it will protect your cargo against inclement weather, including rain, snow, and high winds. Among the many types of trailers, the 53-foot one is the most popular, as it is perfect for carrying loose, boxed, and palletized freight.

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The cost of the trailer you lease will depend on its model and size. Newer models cost more than older models; larger trailers are pricier than smaller ones. The average cost for an older 53-foot trailer is about $3000 while a new one can run you up to $10,000 a month. The trailer does not come with an engine, so you will have to hook it to a motor-powered truck to move things.

It is a good idea to lease a trailer if you need it for long-term use (3-5) years. There is no sense in buying a dry van trailer when you can lease a new one for less money. Now you have all the information you require about the cost of leasing a 53-foot trailer.


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