Commercial real estate

Brian Katz knows commercial real estate. Brian L Katz and his fellow real estate experts can protect you against making inadvisable commercial real estate investments. Making an inadvisable investments might include purchasing a property that has high value today, but is likely to lose value over a short period of time. Properties that typically lose value over a short period of time include fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants, franchise opportunities and more might seem very active when you first look at them. However, the cost of high overhead usually causes franchise managers to require a very high number of sales at all times. Seasonal changes, fad diets and more can cause franchise managers of fast food stores to quickly drop in profits. However, just because a franchise manager experiences a loss and profit due to a shift in the market does not mean the overhead goes away. That franchise manager is responsible for earning a profit for the large company behind it at all times.

This is good news for you as a commercial real estate investor looking for affordable opportunities. You may be able to find fast food restaurants or other franchise locations that get devalued as profits go away. You can then repurpose that facility for different commercial interests. If the location is excellent, you may want to capitalize and expand your commercial portfolio by investing in the location when a bankrupt or desperate business manager is ready to sell.

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