What Is SR-22 Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Written by Finance Magazine. Posted in Car insurance, Local insurance company, Motorcycle insurance

On average, drivers will have auto accident claims at least once every 17.9 years. Many incidents, some involving insurance, can cause you to have your license revoked. Accidents can also cause drivers to have their licenses revoked or suspended. At any rate, working on getting a driver’s license back involves understanding more about an sr-22 filing and sr-22 insurance. An sr-22 may also be referred to as a financial responsibility filing or a certificate of insurance. They are required by many state Department of Motor Vehicles offices for what are known as high-risk insurance policies.

Working to get driving privileges back is a process that involves the term sr-22 filing. This type of filing is necessary when going through the required steps to become licensed and insured again. An sr-22 is a state filing that is required of drivers who have found trouble. You will need sr-22 insurance in order to get driving privileges back. Sr-22 insurance is not actually insurance