It’s vital to file and process hospice Medicare claims quickly. This special insurance is Medicare Part A. If someone chooses this special care, they must cancel other Medicare insurance they might have. This other insurance covers things like checkups at the doctor’s office and medicine.

People taking care of a sick person need to tell the insurance company within five days when the person starts or stops getting this special care. Sometimes, it takes a long time to get paid.

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That can happen because of mistakes in paperwork, or because the patient has other insurance that should pay first. Insurance companies have specific rules about how to ask for money.

There are deadlines to follow. If there are any mistakes, payments can take even longer. The rules recently changed. Some companies working with Medicare are still learning the new rules. That situation can cause delays. There are companies specializing in this type of insurance. They typically help collect payouts more quickly.

Hospices need to understand the Common Working File MSP page. Consider it a secret map helping a hospice billing company get things right. Claims need to get sorted out within a year with hospice assistance. Otherwise, it’s like forgetting to pick up your toys – things start piling up.


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