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When Was the Last Time You Applied for a Loan?

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This is not like a normal class. But then agin, this is not like a normal high school. Set up as a building for credit recovery, there are many opportunities for students to complete the classes that they need to complete their requirements. Housing freshmen through seniors, there are times when a student will spend his or her entire career in this building. Others, however, have the goal of getting themselves back on track so that they can return to their home high school to spend time with their friends and to participate in more activities.
Finding a way to help all students succeed is an increasingly difficult situation in many parts of the country. As more and more children are indeed left behind, different schools and districts offer varying kinds of plans. Some districts pay for these students to attend other districts that provide the classes that are needed. There are an increasing number of other districts that are creating their own platforms to help every student in the


What Is SR-22 Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

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On average, drivers will have auto accident claims at least once every 17.9 years. Many incidents, some involving insurance, can cause you to have your license revoked. Accidents can also cause drivers to have their licenses revoked or suspended. At any rate, working on getting a driver’s license back involves understanding more about an sr-22 filing and sr-22 insurance. An sr-22 may also be referred to as a financial responsibility filing or a certificate of insurance. They are required by many state Department of Motor Vehicles offices for what are known as high-risk insurance policies.

Working to get driving privileges back is a process that involves the term sr-22 filing. This type of filing is necessary when going through the required steps to become licensed and insured again. An sr-22 is a state filing that is required of drivers who have found trouble. You will need sr-22 insurance in order to get driving privileges back. Sr-22 insurance is not actually insurance


Put Your Small Business Retirement Plan in Place With a Trusted Financial Advisor

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Many people believe that when working with a personal financial advisor, their singular goal is just to invest your money. Of course, if you need help managing your portfolio there is no better place to turn than an experienced financial advisor. However, that is not the only reason you should consider consulting with a financial advisor.

Small business owners typically have a lot of decisions to make daily about the future of their company, taking care of their employees and making sure everything comes together. They tend to put their own needs on the back burner while they are juggling everyone else’s. Many small business owners are not prepared for retirement on more than one level.

Preparing for Retirement

Most successful small business owners know the value of planning. They have planned to build a business. They have planned to ensure that their business is thriving, but they have forgotten their own retirement planning in the process.

Unlike 73% of employed workers, no one is offering the BOSS a defined plan for contributions. It is up to the owner to work that out and get the plan going for him or herself and their employees.

Retirement planning needs for the small business owner requires some specialized planning to be successful. The expertise of a dedicated financial planner can help to come up with a retirement plan and a successful transition plan for when the time comes that the owner is ready to retire.

Not Just Planning the Financial Part

If you are like most small business owners your business is like a child that you have watched grow and you may even feel apprehensive about walking away. Your legacy that is your business can go on with succession planning so you can control who takes over your business when you retire.

Successful planning for your retirement must include all the parts and processes that you worry about, such as who will take the helm when you retire and what role if any will you play in the business. Having a plan in place that is customized to your specific needs and goals is the best way to be prepared and retire someday.

You work hard, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that everything is planned out for your future. You deserve to have the retirement that you envision for you and your family. The best way to get there is with the help of a dedicated financial planner.

Learn more about all the services that a financial advisor can provide to build your wealth, plan for retirement and reach your financial goals.



Buying a Home Is the Largest Investment Most People Will Ever Make

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Finding the right home requires a careful combination of many things. From understanding the answer to the question what mortgage is right for me to knowing the kind of neighborhood school that you want your children to attend, there is a lot more to finding a home than just counting the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Understanding the different kinds of floor plans that are available in your price range, of course, is important, but it is also essential that you ask your realtor and your lender what mortgage is right for me so that you get the kind of loan that can help you successfully transition into a home and the responsibilities that entails.
Personal banking options when it comes to purchasing a home can be confusing, but if you are working with a reputable lender and realtor they will provide you the resources you need.
Are You Getting Ready to Purchase Your First Home?
For most Americans, purchasing a home represents the largest investment that you will


Top 3 Reasons to Use Debt Collection Software for Your Business

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Every business needs some kind of a system for collecting payments from their vendors. It’s become easier in recent years with the arrival of debt collection software, retail billing software, and other online solutions. Indeed, the global enterprise software market is supposed to be over $500 billion by 2022, with North America and Europe leading that charge. Collection software can also help relieve some strain on employees, fixing work overload issues, which can be detrimental to overall productivity. Indeed, when employees think they can’t finish everything in time, their productivity generally falls to almost 70%. In short, there are a number of advantages to using a debt collection management system or working with receivables management to keep track of the money coming into your business, which will be covered below.

How Does Debt Collection Software Work?


Paying Off Credit Card Debt: Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes

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About seven in 10 American citizens have at least one credit card. These cards are helpful for everyday transactions, especially as having physical cash is becoming even more antiquated. The problem with credit cards, however, is that it’s a lot easier to get into financial trouble.


Whether you’re a college student or a hardworking professional with a great job, anyone can get into serious debt. And it can be incredibly difficult getting out of debt. Paying off your card or cards will certainly help, but you’ll have to do so much more. You’ll need to learn how to properly budget, how to prioritize payments, handle your checking accounts, savings accounts, emergency accounts, and so much more.


Unfortunately, even for those who are financially responsible, there are all kinds of mistakes that can be easily made when getting out of debt.


Here are some common mistakes people make when paying off credit card debt:

    • Spending like you used to – For the most part, your aggressive spending is probably what got you in debt in the first place. So it makes sense to change those spending habits when you’re trying to get out of debt — but a lot of people don’t. They might pay closer attention to their debt and accounts, but they’ll shop at the same expensive stores, eat out regularly, and do everything else the same because it’s comfortable. You must avoid making these spending mistakes if you’re serious about getting out of debt and better handling your money.


    • Attempting to do everything on your own – Though getting out of debt is your responsibility, you shouldn’t try and dig out all by yourself. No one wants to ask family members or friends for loans, but there are credit counseling agencies that can help you handle every aspect of your finances, from your overall debt to proper budgeting.


    • Closing accounts after they are paid off – You should be paying off your accounts, but you should not be closing them afterwards. The credit scoring systems involve how much money you owe, yes, but also how much credit you have available. Having credit and not using it shows restraint, which will subsequently improve your credit score.

If you want to learn more about getting and staying out of debt, and are ready to set up a credit union account, give us a call right away.


Three Great Money Saving Ideas and Tips!

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How to save money quickly

Did you know that an estimated 7.7% of Americans don’t have a bank account? These are the folks who need money saving ideas and tips the most, but truth is, we could all use some ideas on how to save money. Thankfully, there are tons of resources out there packed with money saving ideas and tips, like finance magazines that often hold advice from financial professionals on several different subjects.

So, to help you save money fast, here are a few great money saving ideas and tips!

Use spreadsheets.

To organize finances and keep on top of what needs to be paid, you can use a bill spreadsheet. Ryan Dube, writing for MakeUseOf, suggests, “List your bills in the first left column, and then in the next few columns list total balance you owe, monthly required payments, and the date t


Reasons a Vehicle Title Loan May Be Right for You

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One of the most astounding statistics from the U.S. economy centers on the level debt carried by some Americans. It has become so prevalent to have debt in America that it has impacted the amount of money that Americans have saved for an emergency situation. It has been reported, for example, that there is less than $1,000 put aside for an emergency situation by approximately 69% of all Americans.

What is causing this unbelievable amount of debt for Americans, which is causing them to borrow money? And how to break this vicious cycle? These are complex questions, but one sure reply is that it is incredibly difficult to do as an individual, all alone.

But emergencies do happen. And here are expenses that mount up in everyday life–just paying the regular monthly bills. So what do people do when they need money? They find out where to get a loan and they find out how to get a personal loan. In fact, Americans actually take out a personal loan for a few main reasons, three to


Student Loan Debt Has Reached A Staggering New High The Function Of Student Loan Debt Software

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Debt is one of the most common issues faced by the average American today.

Student loan debt, in particular, is at the top of the list. Not only are there millions of adults struggling to meet the basics of their application, they’re accruing fees that mount higher and higher every year. The only factor that makes this worse is poor management. A single lost sheet or bungled entry can result in hours of lost labor or hundreds of extra dollars. Student loan management software is a necessary tool to work against the tide and provide the population with much-needed relief.

Bill collection software makes all the difference. Find out how below.

Common Forms Of Debt In America

It seems like debt is the biggest barrier faced by nearly every demographic. Not only can it last for years, it comes in many forms and can seem almost impossible to avoid. Medical debt, student loan debt, and credit card debt are among the three most common forms


International Trade and Accounting Laws Require SPecial Attention to Detail

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In a world were international business is a part of the news and the economy, it should come as no surprise that there are specific firms that offer their services to a very specific kind of customer. For instance, a Chinese issuer CPA firm can help businesses deal with the implications of doing business with one of the largest countries in the world. In fact, without the specific knowledge that can be provided by a Chinese issuer CPA firm it would likely be very difficult to know how to file the necessary end of the year financial forms.
Finding the right resources can help you find the solutions that you need. For instance, with the use of business advisory services in China you can accurately and legally track the financial dealings that your company completes. Many of these across the world transactions can be complicated if you are not working with financial resources that are familiar with the way that Chinese acco